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Query by Colin Sapp: aid?
So i am quite new to affiliated marketing and advertising, but would like to get started out. I have the simple thought, but am somewhat confused on the site aspect of items. Should I generate a internet site for a certain item, specified class of items, or a single weblog for every thing? I am just puzzled about this, and any other guidelines would be drastically appreciated!!!! thanks!

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Solution by Jake
If you intend to get “totally free” traffic from search engines it’s ideal to stick to a certain theme, so you can appear to be an authority in the distinct niche. The common $ 8 ‘unlimited’ shared hosting account makes it possible for you to include as a lot of domain names and separate internet sites as you care to, for an addition $ 12/yr each and every for the domain names.

The bulk of men and women who venture into affiliate marketing and advertising fail, do not invest your lease funds. I just ran across this Amazon affiliate website that took a Pinterest like approach: it has a distinct theme but not a particular subject matter.

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