Are all insurance organizations fundamentally Multilevel marketing (Multi-Level Marketing)?

Query by Jim T: Are all coverage Mlm (Multi-Degree and advertising)?
Recently I received a phone from a person claiming to be a “recruiter” from a national insurance coverage chain. I was a minor leery from the start, as she sounded like she was reading through from a script (and not extremely effectively at that). Nevertheless, I looked up the job listing, decided to go to the “interview,” but with a honest volume of skepticism.

As anticipated, even prior to I met with the “recruiter,” the promo video playing in the waiting room hit 1 of the large points: the phrase “expand your organization.” As the interview continued, the speaking factors of marketing kept coming up. “How significantly time and funds are you ready to invest in this?” “Are you prepared to start off developing your guide of clientele?” Following I asked a query about cold-call telemarketing, they even utilised the phrase “purchase leads.”

Is this the norm in the insurance coverage market, or is this just a negative firm?

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Response by Radioactive
I received a contact from a person stating that they saw my resume on Monster.
I google the variety and it was an insurance coverage organization.
Yes, consider this an Network marketing.
They will get you to indicator up.
You will have to locate folks that will get insurance coverage from you at outrageously high-priced rates.

I would find a much better careers – truthfully.

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