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Felicitaciones, se ve un gran trabajo


Portfolio – Growth comparision chart : Add a new one with all systems combine

Hi there, the title says it all.

I would LOVE to have a chart with the equity curve of all my systems together

It can be an option tab on the existing ‘Growth comparison’ chart.

This chart will save me hours of Excel job


Keep the good work…


Signal2forex expert advisor

Hi, can have access to your full report please?



Virtual broker with ZERO support! They dosent understand to any about FX, MT4 or etc…. spread is maybe ok.


AUTOTRADE: STRIVE System + Account Type

[quote]iampick posted:
Dear all,

Could you please suggest me, which account type between Standard (High spread, No Commission) and ECN (Low spread , Have Commission ) that suitable to AUTOTRADE System. Especially with STRIVE System (https://www.myfxbo…


RED BULL TRADING TEAM(start 17-05-’18)


The cooperation with two other traders is going very well. Until now we have made a 15.69% gain this week,with a very low Draw down. From Monday I also send a signal via: -trading team / 33306

Have go…


Fish System

[quote]FiboShadow posted:
[quote]togr posted:
[quote]FiboShadow posted:
[quote]TiffanyK posted:
Does this strategy actually works? I have read a lot about it but never tried it in practice … will follow the posts [smiley][/quote]

Yess, i used i…


Historical moment for Dow Jones

[quote]TiffanyK posted:
If you check the chart of Dow Jones on D1 for example – you can see how the index was slowly progressing upwards. My opinion is that it will keep rising slowly and keep breaking the all-time highs. For me it is more intere…


What can you learn from a fisherman as a trader

It is quite easy
Wanna help a man – give him some fishes
Wanna help a man for whole life – learn him how to fish


Advance Block

1 H time frame.