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metals indices futures etc in spreads-table (VOTE!)

I miss a couple of spreads for the following which I use myself a lot:

Silver and Gold are already listed, however not the following:


Thank you in advance!

VOTE! if you would like to see these listed as well, it will not only tell all of us…



[quote]Dreamsdf posted:
it’s forex grid trader – free EA(use google)[/quote]

But the description in the General Info says “Real account. FXMT EA special edition”, and if you follow the link “Read more at ” the site actually says the…


Forex Invest Bot

thanks Birt. Was just wondering if you had any super settings we did not have.


Question for all demo contest lovers……….

[quote]BasketScalper posted:
There is another improvement that could be made, on the contest toplist when we hover over flag it could give the country name instead of “country” like now.[/quote]

it is fixed now, thank you for the feedback



Nice EA Christian, it’s a cycles EA with martingale that trades very low lot size and hence low risk, which makes it very hard to kill! lol. The chances of survival of your EA is in my point of view reasonable, however, there will be a point of time du…


Q&A: where from i can get the most current foreign exchange fee alerts on email or mobile cellphone in pakistan.?

Question by DownTownBoy: the place from i can get the most latest forex fee alerts on email or mobile mobile phone in pakistan.? i want to invest in foreign currency…


Jim’s Forex service

I am starting up a signal service that gets 20-40 percent return every month. Disregard all the stats in 2012, that was just me practicing with different services. All the stats starting in May 2013 are what my service is producing.


gbp/usd BB/Rsi/Sto

I have now 2 accounts running my automated strategies:



Laaaza 1.7 link:


Laaaza 1.7

VPS crached and the system missed a long open recently. Position would be in a slight floating negative now. We see what is going to be missed by this…