direct product sales/advertising and marketing?

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what organizations are single, dual, or multi-level advertising and marketing?

avon = ?
mary kay = dual degree advertising and marketing?
Marketplace America = Dual marketing and advertising?
ACN = ?
Amway = i know this is Multilevel marketing for confident.

if you know of far more companies, please checklist them.

please dont solution if you are going to say these firms are scams or pyramid schemes. I perfectly know the notion of direct promoting/marketing and advertising currently.

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Solution by David Steadson
All of these organizations have multi-level compensation programs (ie Multilevel marketing). Avon only introduced an Multi level marketing element to their operations a few many years in the past and runs it alongside their single level program,

Many actual scams attempting to disguise themselves by falsely claiming to be reputable Network marketing firms, This has led to the unfortunate circumstance the place some respectable Network marketing organizations use other names to describe there operations to disassociate themselves from the scams.

Direct Promoting Information offers a checklist of the Leading 100 direct promoting organizations and their style of compensation strategy

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