Foreign exchange charts utilized by banking institutions?

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Are there any on the internet (totally free) Foreign exchange charts that only banking institutions use? I am NOT refering to OANDA, FXCM, or spread trading providers. I need currency charts that show historical graphs for ALL world currencies.

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1st of all, if there is this kind of a point as “charts that only banking institutions use,” how would we get entry to them? Second, what would preserve others from getting the same “charts,” i.e., why could we not get access to them? Thirdly, how would we know if there is this kind of a thing as “charts that only banks use,” except if we function for a bank, and we’re not tellin’, since we never want other people to get access to “charts that only banks use.” And final, if only banking institutions use them, why would they be free of charge on the internet?

You see, this question is a small confusing. Are you really interested in the “charts,” or charting application, or are you more interested in the data feed, and potential to demonstrate “ALL planet currencies?”

Are you genuinely interested in “ALL” charts or just those by banking institutions?

Can you genuinely anticipate to get everything or “ALL” for nothing?

I can give you a number of web sites in which you can enter a ticker symbol or pick from a listing of currencies one at a time. But how do you know wheter they are “ALL” there, or no matter whether these charts are utilised by banks?

To get them “ALL” at after, you will have to spend for the data feed, about $ a hundred/mo, like every person else. But you should verify with the data vendor initial, to make sure that they are supplying ALL of them. Normally, data services are geared to traders, institutions, what ever. It seems you are not interested in the typical data support, but wish to spend some astronomical fee for ALL, and this support would surely not be supplied for free.

But an occasional quote can be had just about any time anyplace that offers quotes. You will not make the distinction about what is so uncommon or hard to get about a distinct currency quote, or give us any idea what application requires this.

Here is one of the most substantial lists I have seen of currency codes from the CIA World Factbook, but no quotes. These will support you with the symbols when you locate that atypical data feed support.

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