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Question by bagus918: FX ?
Are there any FX broker who can let to trade Buy/Promote at exact same time? for instance, I like to Purchase USD/YEN @ 100.00, at the same time I like to Promote USD/YEN @ one hundred.00 and hold these two positions.

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Solution by 4XTrader
Yes, FXDD and Interbank FX will let you to do that, ie, hedging a place. You can go to their sites and downloand the MetaTrader four Trading terminal. It truly is a cost-free download and you can open a demo account with them to practice. Their sites are www.fxdd.com. Near the top of the page, you’ll see a tab for “Trading Platforms”, click on “MetaTrader” and downloand the MetaTrader 4 Consumer Terminal. The other internet site is www.ibfx.com. Click on “Trading Platform” tab and download the platform. It truly is an straightforward terminal to use and you can simply open the two acquire and promote positions on the very same currency pair at the same price.

There are many brokers that use MetaTrader 4, but I like FXDD and Interbank FX personally.

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