How can I get the ideal exchange price for pesos from bucks while in Mexico?

Query by Al F: How can I get the greatest for while in ?
the banks in Mexico consistently give significantly less than the advertised fee when modifying bucks to pesos. for illustration nowadays the price advertised on the yahoo finance internet site indicated the charge was 13.04 pesos per dollars while the bank’s best price was 12.35 pesos per dollar. in which can I go or what can I do to get closer to the real rate? How can I exchange us dollars in mexico for the forex rate? I thank you in advance for your solutions.


Solution by Fig Newton
The ideal way is to pay out for everything employing a visa or mastercard. They spend as shut to the existing charge as is achievable. The banking institutions usually have the next very best rate so this is a great location just to get taxi and strolling close to funds. It really is typically not a great concept to be strolling all around with a lot of paper currency if you happen to be a tourist anyway.

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