How to get live currency exchange price to use in a web site?

Query by Hossaine: How to get reside fee to use in a web ?
Im constructing a site which has to show dwell global currency exchange costs. I dont know from the place i can get this data. I have looked several web sites. I have heard Yahoo Finance gives currency exchange widget for internet site. but how?
Here is the link of 1 internet site which contains Yahoo Finance currency exchange charge. I want just like 1.
Thank You.

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Reply by Eavanescence E
ok!, it really is simple, you have to use some thing referred to as Application programming interface (API). to make it short, i suppose that u create ur site in a single of these server-scripting languages: PHP, Python, Perl, Ruby, .NET or Java.

there is a currency rate API totally free-license provider, you can check it out, register to consider the API essential and license to the specific URL (or ur site handle) and use some of the examples that given in the examples web page to your corresponding server-scripting language.

very good luck.

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