How to make StormPay like services , accepting payment and transferring money?

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Of program it will be 1/10000 of services StormPay offers , but if I wished to offer my website members the ability to add funds using their credit cards to their accounts , and then use it to transfer cash to their close friends or purchasing in affiliated internet sites ( with mine ) ,, do I want a merchant account , payment gateway or what exactly ,,, sorry I am not acquainted with such issues.

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Answer by stymiee73
This is some thing you practically definitely won’t be able to do for a number of causes:

one) You want to uncover an acquirer that will allow you to offer this support. Basically you will need to have to go to one particular of the largest processors immediately (Like Nova, Initial Information, etc.). They will call for a great deal from you to do this such as a massive sum of cash as a deposit (possibly millions of dollars), a background verify, a credit examine, and lots of contracts to be signed.

You cannot do this will a regular merchant account due to the fact permitting others to use your merchant account to accept payments is referred to as factoring and strictly forbidden. Performing that would suggest your account is shut down instantly, your income is held, and you are banned from ever accepting credit cards ever yet again. That is poor.

two) You will require to be PCI certified which, for the type of service you plan to offer, will be tough. You will want to make sure all of your servers are secured and impregnable as you will be storing credit score card data and other delicate data that hackers will certainly target. If you get breached your existence will be ruined.

three) You will need to publish your personal application for interacting with the acquirer that lets you supply this support. It takes months to write and be certified on their platform. You will need to have to use a high degree programming language like C/C++ as normal net languages just aren’t meant for tasks like this.

4) The largest problem you will have is fraud handle. Fraud will be rampant and if you can’t control it you will be shut down without recognize and your money held from you for a really lengthy time. Of course you can anticipate to be sued by your customers if that were to occur as that implies they get rid of their funds, also. Controlling fraud would demand a big investment in fraud prevention and even then it would only reduce it and not avoid it entirely.

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