I joined the ClickBank affiliate plan!! Now how do these perform?

Query by westphalia1: I the program!! Now how do work?
An individual who has a good expertise about how affiliate commission applications and how you revenue from them? What modes of marketing do i use (I just signed up so i dont know yet)? How a lot commission can you make regular monthly? Thanks

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Response by kemperk
i did a 5 yrs study of this subject.
95% of members earn less than $ five.00 an hour. There is a purpose for that energetic
and lazy men and women are trying to sell stuff
that is generic. There are only so several
people who want to acquire batteries,
dresses, etc. MOST folks will purchase
them from their neighborhood
IF YOU want to be self-employed,
alternatively of joining an affiliate
find what excites you and
the place there is a big UNMET demand
and promote that great/support.

1 lady I know what an affiliate
member and went bankrupt simply because
of her time investment and
nearly no income.

The originator of the affiliate
[Ford, ATT, T mobile,
Amazon and other folks, make a ton off of
twelve,000,000 affiliate sellers who
earn 25 to 2500 a mo but who
5 to 150 hrs a month promoting
others stuff.

I suggest you do not promote other folks
stuff discover a need in your spot
and fill it.

offered to support even more.

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