Is Foreign Currency Trading worth it, and does it function?

Query by Lys: Is really it, and does it ?
My father is ready to shell out me to use a Foreign Currency Trading software essentially all day each day. But, we have researched that it is a huge investment to get the computer software to be in a position to do it. They are marketing that if you do it all day, everyday you can make “a great deal” of income per year off of this. I am concerned prior to we shell out for the software program if the system really does operate and if you are in a position to make funds off of it?

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Solution by MoneyMonkey
No. No. No. No. No. You can Drop a good deal of funds. And you will be out the software program value. Only specialists should do something along these lines. This is a actually bad concept. Unless of course your father is paying out for almost everything, and he has plenty of money he can afford to get rid of you should not even consider this venture.

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