Is there a Forex Trading indicator that shows “in real time” how a lot of pairs are being traded?

Question by larrynpn: Is a that displays ” how numerous are becoming ?
Is it possible for a single to manipulate the cost of a currency pair by selling or acquiring a massive sum? I will not want to acquire a massive whole lot and the price goes down simply because my very own trade produced it go down. I never want my personal trade to adjust the price trend due to the fact if I get much more than is in fact becoming traded on the market, it far more probably will go in the opposite route I want it to go.

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Response by FX True
If you are putting your trades with a market maker, then large trades could have a considerable affect. If on the other hand you are putting trades with a broker that is working STP unless your trades are unusually big they will likely result in small effect.

Because the foreign exchange marketplace has no central exchange, there genuinely is no way to know accurately how many or what pairs are currently traded globally at any given second.

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