Multi-degree advertising and marketing?

Query by the matt: Multi-level ?
I have been method by 1 of my buddy to join him and his group in a multi-level , his pals explain to me how I can be rich fast, they showed me prove by exhibiting me for whom they operate for and the faces whom are have became rich in multi-degree and marketing and I need to contribute some of my money , confident who do not to be wealthy but surfing through the internet I located there are men and women whom became victim of multi-level marketing, some misplaced their daily life time saving and some lost their private properties, it was a scary reality for me, should I let go of this once in a lifetime offer you or chance shedding every thing

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Answer by Eddy Sax
Once in a life time offer? It’s just a scam. You may possibly make your funds back if you are fortunate and recruit a bunch much more individuals but odds are they are gonna drop their cash and hound you for solutions.

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