Q&A: Does anybody know of a excellent foreign exchange simulator, 1 that will velocity up the learning method?

Query by Mcduffodonnell: Does anyone know of a excellent forex simulator, a single that will velocity up the studying procedure? Exhausted of the tedium of foreign exchange demo accounts. Require…



Leider habe ich, nach dem Verlust durch den Sell EA, vergessen die Handelsgrösse anzupassen.
Dadurch war es dem EA nicht möglich den Kurssturz korrekt zu verarbeiten. In der Folge gab es einen weiteren grossen Verlust.

Muss dringend die automatische Lot-Size Anpassung im Code berücksichtigen.


Forex Master




Another adventure, another client, another story. :)

Same strategy:

Investment $65k
Max DD allowed: 30%
Target 1 MIO in 1 YEAR
Strategy: ALL MANUAL – Scalping, swing trading, long term, averaging etc.

Lets see in few months how this is developing to…

cropped-yacht.jpg – Profiforex

Link isnt working… Just one question is that account still doin 20% a day?


…….lets see how the test goes


More Widget options for Monthly Analytics

Can offer additional widget options that could show all four boxes in the Monthly Analytics section of stats.

Also, provide an option for the chart to show pips P/L on a monthly basis. Currently on choose % P/L monthly.

More options …



I trade with Mechanical trading sistem where I trade 100% based on PA, RSI and Statistic. No emotional influence. Whatever and whenever market tell me to make an order, I deliver… As simple as that. I not using EA, manual trading only just to feel an…


Guru Style(Share4you)

This is my forex4you share4you leader account link :


FXDME Warning – Account Management

ICHI FX blew up big time!!

and fxdme makes $$$:

ichi is martingale and fxdme is not, trading not even …