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Dear Traders

Please have a look at my signal that is being verified by MyFXBook as we speak so that it will be available on Auto Trade.

Appreciate any feedback to improve or for questions i can answer either here or in private message

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Roman Asset Management

Hello, where can I get this?


Global Prime

Great broker. I think the swap rates could definitely use improvement, but that aside, the spreads and execution are spot on by and large, and the customer service is top notch.


High Leverage

[quote]niceGLer posted:
[quote]Nk_trader posted:
We achieve 1% daily to our accounts (you can check them on my profile and track them) with 1:30 but the old days of 1:500 we did 10-12%!!! The difference is huge… we miss these days[/quote]

Sure, that…


Fundamental stuff

This topic is for people who prefer trading by the fundamentals and care to share trading ideas, experiences, etc….
If you think that trading solely following technicals is nonsense then this is your place to discuss anything.

Please don`t come argu…



i am willing to answer any questions regarding my system . don’t hesitate to ask .


Automated partial profit/break even EA MT4

Has anyone created or is able to create an EA that closes part of a position at a certain price, then moves the stop loss to break even, letting the rest of the position to continue towards the second profit target? Or could anyone reccomend an existin…



Just realize it should be 2019 ^




I also want to go long but USDJPY is just edging up more and more. I want a pull back but do not know if it will happen any time soon