StainlessKinder EA

Hello bro

You can follow the trade for one month.

I will start selling the StainlessKinder as from 15th of February and it will be for $300.

Before then, you can buy Stainless EA for $150. If you buy stainless EA before 15th of February. I will sell…


JForex – Dukascopy

Hello guys,
I’m trade using Jforex around 1year, I like Jforex plataforma a lot. But since myfxbook doesn’t support Jforex, please, could someone recommend me a website, spreadsheet, app, whatever, that I could have the same information as myfxbook pr…


PFG Automated Trader

Whos ready to join our Automated Trader?


Aggressive Trend Scalper eurusd version 1

u are very good at trading. which time frame do u use?


Open more positions when Copying a Signal

That could be extremely problematic for your account.

Your signal provider issues trades and probably syncs your trade basket to their trade basket.

Trades which are opened that are not in sync with your subscribed trade signal would likely be automa…


1000 to 10.000 in 2 years challenge

i want less risk, as you can see i am now almost 500%! so no need to bigger lotsizes.


Trading History “Column Taxes”



3000$ to 300,000$ IA

EURUSD moved sideways in a trading range between 1.1406 and 1.1514. The price action in the range is likely consolidation for the uptrend from 1.1289, further rise to 1.1600 area is still possible after the consolidation. On the downside, a breakdown b…


Customer funds in a segregated accout

My broker says this:
“xxxxxx maintains client funds in segregated client accounts completely separated from xxxxxx’ own funds. All client funds deposited at
xxxxxx are fully segregated in accordance with strict policies and procedures.”

What do you understand with this? Are all of the customer…



it is an EA and manual trade. Dont have a link for it. thanks