depents on your ac size 20-35% a month of profits made


EW theory

No I don’t use automated strategies—its no problem currently using this account to prove a point, the fund I work for (5%ers) I don’t trade until january 10th so main money maker wasn’t touched haha. This account I am just over leveraging to attempt …


What is a proper risk of ruin percent on myfxbook?

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Hi everyone,

I am running a bi directional grid trading strategy and my risk of ruin currently shows I have a <.01% of losing 10% of my balance with 35 consecutive losing trades. Is this considered good…


SEAL Team Six (Semi-Auto)

70% profit monthly and 100% win rate!? This is absolutely incredible!
Does this mean, if I copy this system and trade with $1k I have a fair chance to make around $700 the next month?
I just came to know about MFB today. Super noob. So, if I am missi…


The future of Crypto

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I mean eveyrbody going on about how it was guaranteed money, then it crcashed.[/quote]

Well crypto is volatile there is no guarantee you will profit from hodling, but you could have make a lot of money short…



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Yes, lets wait. Maybe I am wrong but its highly unlikely you will be able to keep the performance at this level, if you dont lower the risk.

Or maybe your plan is to start with a high risk, get lucky for a while and then lower…


low spread and low rebate

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WHat broker do you recommend?
A few of my friends use hugosway, are they good?[/quote]

As a new trader I would strongly encourage you to look for a broker with strong regulations to protect your investment capital.



Final Holy Grail L1

This is the same trading system “Final Holy Grail V.1.1” with low risk using a maximum DD of 20% and hence, we have named it as “Final Holy Grail L1 “.

This is probably the only risk set up which we will continue for long time, because in this set up though the profit % are low, but there is a 99% …


The Pirate Of Night

NY-SessionEA running on this account.


Ham Scalping

It will not burst your account