Q&A: Dependable traders for forex trading?

Query by Shahnawaz M: Reliable for foreign exchange ?
Hi I am interested in on the internet trading.Some internet sites appear abit ‘shadey’ where can i uncover reviews of distinct trading platforms and companies? any reputable web site? and other resources?

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Solution by blunderbuss
As an amateur foreign exchange trader, I am here to tell you that most foreign exchange brokers are
most likely “industry makers” and they continually play “counterparty” to the
trades of their clients (i.e., you and me). That means they will continually
trade against you in the hopes of triggering your stoploss and forcing you and me
(and hordes of other nameless traders) into a Shedding position. So when you dive
into the foreign exchange industry, all of the brokers, even respectable ones, will perform towards you.

I use GFT and I go through forexfactory.com, the place brokers such as Alpari, FXCM and
Oanda are routinely mentioned. They offer back links so that you can discover out which
ones have met the reserve specifications required to operate in the US.

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