Q&A: I am an writer and have written a guide. Which affiliate plan must I use to track referrals?

Question by cookindea: I am an and have a . Which I use to ?
I’ve self published. I want to locate a way to track referrals from other websites that buy my book at my web site (affiliate system, shopping cart). I currently use paypal for purchases now. Do I want to change? There are soooo a lot of – I don’t know which one particular would work for my function. I never make a great deal of income from this so will not want one with high monthly fees. Any help would be appreciated.

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Answer by imisidro
Paypal does not have an affiliate program software that permits you to track which of your selllers offered your book

Use Clickbank or 2checkout — they charge higher in terms of commissions but they have allow you to set up an affiliate program


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