Q&A: Is Amway (American Way) a scam?

Query by John: Is ( Way) a ?
I was at a bookstore final week, and an individual named Bernard (who I am convinced is a recruiter for his business) began a conversation with me. He advised me about a business, and asked if we could meet. We met at a conference in a hotel, which included some speakers speaking about business. I did not have to pay out anything at all to attend this seminar given that I was invited.

The speakers appeared great. The major speaker was someone named Dr. Kahnt (I are not able to don’t forget his complete name), a man who has a Ph.D. in computer science. He is an immigrant from India, and he appears like a great and intelligent man. I also met someone who is a Ph.D. candidate at Purdue University (he was a guest, not a speaker).

Right after the conference, I think that there was a instruction seminar, however I did not attend.

Following the conference, I met with Bernard once again, and he gave me a CD to listen to. The CD is a presentation by Kevin Bell. Kevin Bell, if I keep in mind accurately, is affiliated with BrittWorldWide (BWW). On the CD, Kevin Bell gave a presentation about his success and described that he Amway is not a Pyramid scheme.

I met with Bernard yet again yesterday, and he showed me some data about Amway. You start a company by marketing Amway’s items (I feel) and you get some cash back.

Also, Bernard gave me yet another CD, even though I have not listened to all of it but. The CD is titled “How To Manage Objections” by Dan Yuen. The CD has Around the world Dreambuilers labeled on it also. In the beginning, the speaker on this CD invested a substantial quantity of time saying that this is not a pyramid scheme.

Despite the fact that each CDs and Bernard have informed me that Amway is not a pyramid scheme, I nonetheless have my doubts. I did some quick Google searched and found Amway’s Wikipedia webpage. From this page, Amway seems legitimate, however Amway has acquired criticism for currently being a pyramid scheme, and the FTC did an investigation on Amway, amid other criticisms.

While I have not paid anything yet, I consider that I might have to pay income later on (yet another explanation why I am reluctant to this organization or organizations). Plus, the speakers on each CDs invest a very good sum of time saying that this is not a pyramid. The tables of contents on the CD by Dan Yuen have two tracks addressing the issues of unfavorable critiques and why Amway is not a pyramid scheme. Plus, Amway makes use of multilevel-marketing, which has some legality problems in the United States.

Aside from these doubts, my instincts inform me to get out of this as soon as I can. Whether or not this is a scam or not, I will get out since I do not see any benefits for me. Amway was ranked by Forbes as a extremely huge personal organization, but I nevertheless think that this is a scam. Still, I would like to know if this is a scam or not.

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Reply by Alexandrea
It truly is a scam, my aunt and her husband received sucked into it… negative thought.

What do you feel? Solution below!

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