Q&A: Is online forex trading permitted in india?

Query by crazysan: Is on the internet in ?
I want to know whether on the web forex trading is permitted in india.
and what are the connected laws or rules? In which companies we can trade ? Global or only Indian firms.

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Reply by Chris T
Totally it is permitted. I have signed up numerous customers from India, and you can use brokers that are situated in the U.S. If your new to currency trading there is only one particular way to trade, FreedomRocks. It is a a single of a kind computer software that does 95% of the operate. You can be a complete novice to trading and do really properly with this program, I was. Very best of all you can try it free of charge for 15 days, check out out www.simpl4xinvesting.com and see if you are as favarobly impressed as I was.
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