Q&A: Is Primerica a Multi Degree Advertising scam?

Question by 99% Tater says: TAX THE Rich!: Is a Marketing ?
It appears to me that their principal emphasis is to recruit a lot more folks to do the identical thing they want you to do. That isn’t going to make sense to me, unless of course they are a pyramid scheme. I don’t believe it would be that tough to locate brokers or life insurance salesmen otherwise.
Lili2515, Please tell me much more. I imagined it was, but I need to have to persuade my mom and brother.

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Solution by charliebuck98
There are a few factors to bear in mind with attempting to choose on a Network marketing organization. 1st, is there an upfront charge (typically anywhere from $ 200 – $ 500)? 2nd, is the main emphasis getting as many people to join your team? Third, are you consistently told that you COULD make 1000’s and 1000’s of bucks a month? If you can reply yes to at least 2 or all of these queries, its a scam. There are some MLM’s out there that aren’t illegal but are very misleading and basically just want your upfront fee. These include, Quixtar, Amway, and so forth. And I must say that Mary Kay and Keller Williams Actual Estate are really true and effective MLM’s. For the most element, 75% of MLM’s , legal or illegal, are just out to get your fees and the way they maintain you on that “get wealthy large” is to spend men and women to send in movies of how they got rich.

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