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hi im kane from manila and lately join a Mlm firm with a binary structure of advertising program..

my question is., is there a distinctive posible way of inviting folks to join me with out mentioning the product, objectives and plan of the business..

i heard some rumors that this technique have completed by 3 shy peoples in a Network marketing firm in puerto rico.. And eventualy in one year they generate ten,000 downlines…

thanks.. I hope a person could aid me..

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Solution by Rick L.
What ever you do it should be duplicatable. The simpler the greater.

I’m a large believer in being out front with folks. If you hide some thing and then it is revealed they tend to get suspicious. If you can make contact with the folks from Puerto Rico and find out what they did to be effective that could answer your query.

You’ve got to find out what is going to get folks motivated to share your business. .

You need to contact your upline for course.

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