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ACH15® Discovery: always 100% won transactions in FOREX market!

ACH15® Discovery: always 100% won transactions in FOREX market!: florin iacob: Kindle Store


Bollinger Bands – Trade Like a Professional ( Trend Following Mentor)

Download Bollinger Bands – Trade Like a Professional ( Trend Following Mentor) by Andrew Abraham: Table of Contents

Day Trading Bollinger Bands
Bollinger Bands with RSI
Support & Resistance with Bollinger Bands
Trend Breakouts with Bollinger Bands
Trading Bollinger Bands in a Portfolio
Following Trading Plan
Risk & Money Management
Hypothetical Example of a Portfolio


John Bollinger developed the concept of Bollinger bands in the 1980s. Bollinger bands are volatility bands placed above and below a moving average with a multiple of a standard of deviation. The length of this moving average can vary depending on the time frame of the trader and the sensitivity. The standard for position sizing (daily bars) is generally 20 periods. However for day trading it is suggested to be much less. It can be as little as 10 periods. This is something the individual trader can test depending on their own personal preferences. Volatility is based on the standard deviation, which changes as volatility increases and decreases. The bands automatically widen when volatility increases and narrow when volatility decreases. The robustness of the Bollinger bands makes this indicator applicable to all time frames and all markets. The tightening of the bands is often used by traders as an early indication that the volatility is about to increase sharply. The closer the prices move to the upper band, the more overbought the market becomes, and the closer the prices move to the lower band, the more oversold the market becomes. However markets can stay overbought and oversold for long periods of time. In this short ebook we will discuss various ways in order to use Bollinger bands as far as
1. Day Trading using Bollinger Bands
2. Oversold & Overbought with RSI Reversals
3. Support and Resistance
4. Breakout Potentials
5. How to build a Trend Following Portfolio


How To Day Trade Forex For Profit

Download How To Day Trade Forex For Profit by Harvey Walsh:

How To Day Trade Forex For Profit

You’re Only 24 Hours Away From Making Your First Potentially Profitable Forex Trade

That’s enough time to open a broker account and start trading the proven and profitable forex strategies in this book.

Forex Trading Made Easy

Do you dream of trading online from the comfort of your own home? Of making money with the click of a mouse? Would you like to discover the forex trading strategies used by professional FX traders? Harvey Walsh lifts the curtain and invites you into the lucrative world of currency trading.
Written in his trademark plain English, this jargon-free book takes you through everything you need to know to start trading the foreign exchange market.

Just some of the things you will learn include:

• What money really is, and how currencies work.

• What makes currency prices move, and how you can use that information to make money.

• Precise forex trading strategies you can start using today.

• How to make your own unique, profitable trading setups to give yourself an extra edge.

• The tricks your mind is playing on you when you trade, and how to turn them to your advantage.

When you’ve read this book, you will be able to:

• Choose a forex broker and open an account.

• Set up currency charts.

• Read your charts and spot excellent trading opportunities.

• Understand and use the different order types.

• Make trades that can make you money whether the market is rising or falling.

• Manage your money, and your mind, for maximum success.

Your Fully Illustrated Forex Guide

The book is packed with detailed examples and is illustrated throughout. You don’t need any prior knowledge about trading, forex, or money markets. Harvey leads you from first concepts right through to opening a broker account and making live trades.

What Others Are Saying

“Some books show you a few strategies and leave you to get on with it. This one shows you how currency trading actually works. It’s like learning to speak a language fluently and effortlessly instead of reading a dictionary.”

“. . .easy to read and simple to follow. Can’t get better than this, especially for a beginning trader trying to find his way around.”

“The trading psychology section in this book will change you as a person and make you better not just in trading but in your entire business and personal life as well.”


Trading With Traders – Level 1 – Mastering Forex Fundamentals

Download Trading With Traders – Level 1 – Mastering Forex Fundamentals by Philip Cooper: The first in a series of eight books which explain all aspects of foreign exchange trading to the new or intermediate trader. Written by an ex-Citibank trader and ex-investment banker this book introduces the fundamentals and concepts of foreign exchange trading and gives the reader the knowledge to be able to trade foreign exchange using a dummy account. The book explains the nuts and bolts of the forex market and gives the reader the information which will help them become one of the successful 10% of traders that actually make profits. Further books in the series will give the reader the knowledge and confidence to start trading with real money until finally they are able to leave their day job and concentrate on trading full time.

About the Author

Philip was born and educated in the United Kingdom. He joined Citibank in London before moving to Athens where he worked as a foreign exchange trader for both Citibank and Chase Manhattan. Philip was then posted to Citibank’s Middle East North African Training Center in Athens/Beirut as the operations manager and a foreign exchange trainer. After returning to the United Kingdom Philip joined Union Bank of Switzerland as the Head of Learning and Development and introduced trading simulations as a safe way for new traders to trade. In 1993 he was appointed Head of Learning and Education for UBS in North America. He later left the bank and went into partnership with two colleagues and set up a successful financial training company (New Learning Developments) in New York City. At New Learning Developments he developed relationships with all the major investment banks such as Goldman, Lehman, JP Morgan, and other major financial institutions such as The Federal Reserve Bank, Chase, Citibank, ABN-AMRO and the World Bank. In 2001 he returned to London where he worked as a training consultant to financial services institutions and the Ministry of Defense. He now spends his time developing knowledge databases for on-line brokerage houses and conducts webinars on foreign exchange and on-line retail trading.


Moving Averages- Trade like a Professional (Trend Following Mentor)

Download Moving Averages- Trade like a Professional (Trend Following Mentor) by Andrew Abraham: Moving averages are one of the basic of technical trading indicators. However in this short ebook you will learn valuable ways to use the moving averages both singly as well as in groups of them. You will be given codes in Metastcok for adaptive moving averages which alleviate somewhat of the lag. As well there is a code in which you can determine the strongest and weakest markets in any time frame. There are sections which deal with day trading & forex as well as the Golden Rule of the 200 Period Exponential moving average.


Forex for Beginners: How to Get Started Trading Currencies Online

Download Forex for Beginners: How to Get Started Trading Currencies Online by Brian Campbell: One of the challenges with learning how to trade forex online is where to start. This informative report gives you practical steps to begin profiting from the largest financial market in the world.

In this industry whitepaper you’ll learn from a full time professional currency trader:

* The Basic Terminology of the Forex
* How to Find a Forex Broker
* How to set up a FREE Demo Account to Practice Trading
* Where to learn profitable forex trading methods

Getting started trading forex online has never been easier than right now. With the current economic chaos you need to learn practical investment strategies to profit from high volatility market conditions.

After reading this report today and following a few easy steps you could easily be trading forex online tomorrow in a demo account & with real money in just a few days!


How to Forex Trade out of Recession 50pips/Day Starting Tomorrow (KISS Forex :Keep It Simple Stupid Lessons) (FXHOLIC)

How to Forex Trade out of Recession 50pips/Day Starting Tomorrow (KISS Forex :Keep It Simple Stupid Lessons) (FXHOLIC): Sofia Stavropoulou: Kindle Store


Online Forex Trading: Exclusive Interviews with Five Forex Experts

Download Online Forex Trading: Exclusive Interviews with Five Forex Experts by Diana Wright: A few years ago I began hearing about people making a bundle in online Forex trading. When I started to research Forex, I found tons of experts selling ebooks, teaching courses, providing tips via subscriptions.

Is the talk all hype, designed to sell books and trading software to naïve investors? What kind of time, brains, or luck are necessary to profit from Forex trading?

I thought it was best to not just get one expert’s opinion, but several. If one person says something, I might believe them. But if three out of four people voice similar opinions, that means a lot more.

So I conducted email interviews with five Forex experts. This Kindle book contains those exclusive interviews. Read them and discover:

Are your expectations about Forex trading realistic

Best ways to determine if a Forex expert is trustworthy

How soon is realistic to expect to be profitable in Forex trading

How each expert got to started in Forex

Whether you could make a living trading Forex online

Kathy Lien, of DailyFX.com, co-author of Millionaire Traders: How Everyday People are Beating Wall Street at Its Own Game, and author of Day Trading the Currency Market

Jeffrey Wilde, author of Forex Profits, Step-by-Step Strategies to Unlock The Hidden Profits in Forex

Adam Burgoyne, creator of The 5 EMAs Forex System

Dirk du Toit author of Bird Watching in Lion Country, Forex Trading Explained

Ed Ponsi, author of The Ed Ponsi Forex Playbook: Strategies and Trade Set-Ups, Forex Patterns & Probabilities: Trading Strategies for Trending & Range-Bound Markets and president of FXEducator.com

Note: This is NOT an investment advice book to help you immediately learn to place forex trades online, instead it will allow you to avoid scams and plan an investment strategy that meets your needs and goals.


Forex Value Range Trading with MACD and ValueBars (ValueCharts Active Trading Series)

Forex Value Range Trading with MACD and ValueBars (ValueCharts Active Trading Series): Mark Helweg: Kindle Store


A Simple Guide to Day Trading Forex (Price Behaviour)

Download A Simple Guide to Day Trading Forex (Price Behaviour) by Samuel Morton: Learn how price behaves in the forex markets.
This publication is a brilliant stepping stone to becoming a forex day trader using forex price action.