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Forex Courses

Not for me personally.

Plenty of great education for free/reasonably priced out there without spending huge amounts.

I think people new to trading are easily attracted to these courses, on the hope it will cut a corner and make them profitable quickl…


Forex Line Indicator & Strategy

wtf is that


Forex Armor EA

i sham
what techique you use
please help me


am happy with forex after 4years

[quote]Ifxmarket posted:
after 4 years .i was able to developed 3 EA.why i do so is because those that sell EA online do not sell their original EA ,if any what to help let them sell the strategy and any programmer can code it. you need to know how you…


Forex taxes in Belgium

i have an appointment with my bank manager so maybe he can answer this question will update you on what he says.


Ace of trade weekly Forex outlook

[quote]aceoftrade posted:

Growth is nice but your DD is over 60% which is terrible


How you find Reliable Forex Experts?

After wasting lots of money on EA purchase but still not find a profitable EA that works on all market condition. In place of the search for a Profitable EA, you should search for a profitable trading strategy then you can trade with that strategy or c…


Forex Spectre



Forex Real Profit EA

MetaQuotes’ Christmas present (aka enforced update) had a few side effects. Should be working again.



[quote]nazik posted:
Hi everyone im pretty new on forex market.Hard to find forums regarding gold.Any ideas ,comments .
Me shorting gold 2 weeks allready with scalping but stuck with last order.thnks[/quote]
This month was really great for the buyers!…