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Forex Mentor

Really. I would have thought that a trading mentor would be the best way to learn


Forex trading blog steemit

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What’s the purpose of this blog site about?


New in forex trading

Well, Forex trading business is the most standard way of money making! It’s not easy actually! So, you are not sure about your success please don’t take this profession as your full time job! Start your trading as a part time trader, then m…


Forex Cashback Rebate

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Please stay away from this IB, they have not been paying rebates since November 2017. I have been a victim and I do not want other traders like me to end up in this bad situation. Go look for other IB…


trading indices with a broker

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In Forex trading lowest spreads is a big deal when choosing a broker. From all trading elements in this market place spreads is mainly considered as an important financial tool which an investor should consider when choosing a …


Forex Sniper EA

can any one use this ea plz share me result this ea


Forex Cyborg FXPIG

I doubled my account now, too 😉

Love it!
I’ve got a monthly return around 9% including the “bad month” last year.
Glad I stayed.


Forex mover

@maxpax174 – Member Since Jan 11, 2018

Can’t understand what the difference, between all of this people and you, for example. You are a member for 10 days only.
Do you work for some other broker?


EA – developers

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You can ask about it in mql5 in job item[/quote]

Yes, it’s a very popular Forex community site for the EA traders!



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