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Seeking a mentor

I teach people to make money and I am profitable on the markets, doing both is fine.
Come chek us everyday [me]


Has anyone here programmed a strategy and have ran it for at least a year?

[quote]togr posted:
Have a trading idea –> code it –> run BT –> test on demo 3months –> test on small real 3 months –> put on bigger real –> make money. It takes about a year to get stable income from idea so you need to have ma…


Retail FX Trader survey results

Thank you very much for sharing this survey here! Actually, no doubt a number of new traders are losing money because they have no preparation enough for live trading! knowledgeable traders always make money (in average).


Learning and earning

Learning is the foremost ways to keep survive in this volatile trading place in a proper way. But sorry to say maximum traders who are particularly newcomers try to make money from here without learning. As a result they become loser when trading pract…


A swap-free Broker Needed

[quote]Wamski posted:
Baldo thanks, i believe my broker is a Market Marker[/quote]

Basically long term traders could make money with market makers.
It is up to the trading style. When dealing desk in mm broker identify profitable traders, they inves…


Real Mashallah

Hello Dear All,

I am FX trader by profession now I am also offering FX signal service to masses so more people can participate and make money. so for those who want to follow my trading visit this link:



high leverage

Generally we the newcomers try to make money very rapidly by using high leverage and fall a great loss when trading practically without any trading plan as well risk management policy , so before trading with high leverage it is obviously important how…


Why You Choose Forex Trading Profession ?

I wouldn’t call Forex trading my profession, but I did choose it because it allowed me to make money (well, most of the time), exercise my mind and meet new, interesting people.



Big scammers, your orders will never see the light and if you make money they will sneak around till they will make you lose your profits + your deposits. Capxm is a real pocket shop and it’s owned by SHIFT FOREX btw.


Long Term S&P 500 Trading With Leverage

It seems on very first look that you do not have any entry set up, neither target and your idea just considering the long side. As per my opinion, looks as a guessing for direction with some element of position sizing.

Just a question – most li…