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Forex Trading For Profit : Shocking Weird Tricks And Underground Dirty Secrets Making You Forex Millionaire Traders Favorite

Forex Trading For Profit : Shocking Weird Tricks And Underground Dirty Secrets Making You Forex Millionaire Traders Favorite: Trader X: Kindle Store


Forex Profits : Little Dirty Secrets and Underground Sneaky Tactics To Forex Profits

Download Forex Profits : Little Dirty Secrets and Underground Sneaky Tactics To Forex Profits by Trader X, Forex Guru: I hope you sitting down, cause I am laughing on
the floor at the notion of hearing, one more little talk abut
“the Forex Indicators, and how you can be the next Forex
Millionaire using such and such crossing lines”
See, the reason there are winners and losers in
life and Forex as well, is some can see deception
coming from a 100 miles away and some refuse
to look at the truth.
See, I was taken for a sucker, and was brought on
a rollercoaster of books, trainings, Forex education
like there is no tomorrow…
But it took me nearly 3 years, to wake up from the
magic little cozy balloon of guru’s webinars and the
next Big Talking head.
During this time of course, I was spending thousands
of dollars on books and Forex Robots and all
kind of crap…you know what I am talking about.
My family and friends, thought I have lost my mind,
spending all this time in front of the screen(you may
recognize yourself here) and looking at “stupid charts”
I kind of had become the laughing stock of the
company “ Look, the Forex Head is Alive”
Eventually it got so bad, that I lost all interest in
trading and was ready to quit…
One afternoon, I overheard a conversation while at the
golf course…yeah I am a snooper.
There were two guys, sipping on something that came
with a “small umbrella on top” and one of them was
saying something so impressive, that made my ears
become as big as an elevator shaft.
The guys were speaking of a stock trader, turn to be
a Forex trader, that was raking in the vicinity of 20 to 30k
a month, from his house computer, doing it with couple
trades a month.
Listen to this, the guy was not a screen struck maniac
like myself, he was not some kind of national television
speaker, it turned out he was a member of the same
golf club, I was a member too.
Now, you can imagine my excitement and hopes came
up, I was determined to meet this guy and squeeze every
once of knowledge out of him…
However, there was a big problem, that trader, I will call
him trader X, for familiar reasons, did not go to the
bars, was not in the social networks, and was not holding
any training and educational courses on “how to be the next
forex millionaire”. He was quietly running the Forex Cash machine
of his, had a large family and was spending time in his
huge house.
Now, I came in with a plan, where I would meet Trader X at one of
the Club Events…you know those fund raiser things, Trader X
was known for one thing, dumping a large sums of money on
different causes that he cared about.
I was able to talk Trader X in to giving me a half hour short
consult. At the end I offered trader X to pay him for his services,
and that’s where my frustration became full, Trader X was not
for sale. It didn’t matter what I offered…whatever that was, it
was all I had, he would not chime in to my idea of training me.
Finally after much bugging him, he gave in and we started a
regular weekly meetings, but he refused to get any money.
He was saying…”Boy you are my fun today, all that trading is
too boring and makes me sad”.
I was like, “K, if it is that boring, make me sad too” you know,
let the stashes of cash come down.
Eventually I moved to a different city and never heard of
Trade X again.
What I am about to reveal in this book is the real dirty truth about
Forex and how you too can be the next Trader X.
Forex trading is not all it is cracked up to be, the real winners
are not your daily gurus, I will teach you everything that Trader X Taught me and more.
You have a choice, keep going in circles, looking for the
Holy Grail of Froex, or move your fingers, make a few mouse
clicks and meet me on the other side. Take a click of faith!
See you on the other side!


Forex Trade Signals : Shocking Real In The Trenches Advice And Secret Tricks Making You Millionaire

Download Forex Trade Signals : Shocking Real In The Trenches Advice And Secret Tricks Making You Millionaire by Trader X: Wow what a drag,
have you felt at times, like spinning in the
vicious circle of Forex. I mean you already
went to all the schools and got the dreaded
Isn’t Forex trading, supposed to be something
Easy…just a couple clicks and you are a
millionaire…sitting on a beach in the Caribbean’s,
sipping on something that comes with
a small umbrella on top.
The wind is blowing in the sails of your
yacht and you are charting and exploring new
See, Forex trading, can do that and more for
you. In Forex trading what you know, is as
important as…who have you learned from.
So, you are sick and tired of being sick and
tired. You can’t stand the people in the office
and ….(yah, I am talking about the same guy
that you thought about), for one more day.
You will vomit, if you submit one more report,
and go to one more meeting of the bureaucrats,
that are closely watching every move that
you make and have a choking grip, breathing
in your neck.
See, not too long ago I was in your shoes…
struggling to make my boss happy and singing
hooray with all the fake cheerleaders, in the
company I worked for. Don’t get me wrong,
I made a decent salary and had the car payment,
house payment and all of the other exciting
Forex trading, Forex systems, Forex strategies,
you name it, anything that was remotely concerning
Forex trading, I bought it. Yet I was struggling to make a
dime. In a matter of fact I will tell you a secret, I
was losing to my Forex broker(the previous
was not a misspelling) every time I entered
a trade. All of this continued until, the universe
AKA GOD, finally gave me my a break. I heard of a
guy, in one of the Forex forums, for our purpose
I will call him trader X. The guy was giving a sound
advice, very simple, but effective..that guy was
the reason I could get a grip of Forex, but I will tell
you more later..
I started following the tips and some of my
trades turned profitable.
And then the unbelievable happened…
The broker realized what was going on and closed
the forum tread.
I was devastated…
After I finally started getting my break, my hopes
of living the life of a Forex trader was shattered.
Fortunately I had P.M.ed Mr. X previously, and
had his email contact.
See Mr. X, was not interested in tutoring me, in
a matter of fact, he was living rather comfortably.
Trading was more of a chore for him…like
someone making you wash dishes for example.
His routine was consisting of trading 2 times a week
only, golf, family and friends.
So, he was defying all the “sound” advice of the
brokers “Trade as often as you can, don’t miss any
Finally, I was able to persuade Mr. X in
giving me a couple lessons over the phone,
and eventually we became close friends.
Mr. X, was pooling close to 30k a month from
Forex trading (I know that sound to good to
be true, but he was not your average trader)
In a matter of fact, he was not allowed with
some of the smaller brokers, since they
ultimately lost money with him.

Now, what I am about to disclose to you in this
book, are the closely guarded secrets of the pros.
In a matter of fact I am sure some of my friends and
traders will be mad at me and even write me
some ugly letters.
But I am tired of seeing good, honest folks like
yourself, getting slaughtered, in the daily Forex
broker guillotine. It is time to give back to others.
I have made my pie of the Forex earnings, now
it is your turn.
I have made it easy for you. I wish I have found
a book like that while back, when I was struggling
to even break even on a trade.
Trust me, read this book and skip the agony of
looking for the golden grail, it doesn’t exist.
You are only of couple of mouse clicks from
receiving the knowledge, that will open the Forex
world to you. Take a click of faith… see you
on the other side!


Forex Profits Revealed : Unpopular But Effective Strategies And Weird Tricks To Millionaire With Forex Trading

Download Forex Profits Revealed : Unpopular But Effective Strategies And Weird Tricks To Millionaire With Forex Trading by Trader X: Ever felt like knocking your boss the eff out? Even
if you’re your own boss?
I have.
I remember the day I decided to punch my boss in
the face. One of the best decisions I ever made by
It was glorious.
A “V” day of sorts.
I just walked in his office, looked him straight in the
eyes, and did a spinning back fist.
Yeah, that’s right … a spinning back fist. Bruce Lee
style, baby.
I missed of course. And fell. But nevertheless … my
point had been made.
I picked myself back up off the floor, slotted back to
my cubic-hell, and resumed my daily torchores like a
good little drone.
And then I woke up.
Literally. Like … in a bed. I was just a stupid dream.
“Man”, I thought. “If I can’t even punch my boss the
right way in my dreams, how the heck am I ever
gonna do it in real life?”
So I decided to do what every sensible human being
does in his mid-thirties … give up on my dreams.
Luckily for me I had two dreams. One was to punch
my boss in the face. The other was to quit my job and
get filthy rich doing stuff that made me happy.
Swing-and-a-miss on the first dream (pun intended).

Home run on the second one.

Like … grand slam home run.
I wanna tell you both how I did it and how you can be
one of my “RBI”s.
I’ve done all the hard work for you. All you have to do
is quit your job and come on home.
Here’s my point …
You can have and do whatever the heck you want. You
can, to a certain degree, create your own reality.
But it’s not easy.
Which is why I’ve decided to create your reality for you.
Wanna see it? Step into it even?
You would if you knew what was on the other side. All
ya gotta do is punch a few buttons and get this book.
But you’re going to have to take a click of faith.


Forex Conquered Now : Little Known But Extremely Effective Strategies And Underground Weird Tricks For Active Traders Making You Millionaire

Download Forex Conquered Now : Little Known But Extremely Effective Strategies And Underground Weird Tricks For Active Traders Making You Millionaire by Trader X: Forex trading is not all it is cracked up to be. The picture painted by the
gurus and the brokers has only one side, a pink one, and is missing the real feeling and pain that a average retail trader goes through until a success is reached.
I can feel the pain in the Forex Community and the purpose of this book is to even out the planes.
Here is what you can expect to learn and master after practicing the concepts in this book.
• Learn to move with the winners and tailgate on their profits(this strategy alone is worth the 10 bucks, actually in my opinion priceless, but its up for bid)
• How to avoid and react to The Little Dirty Tricks of your broker (brokers are very creative when it comes to squatting your money)
• The little known but simple strategies of the successful Forex traders (I don’t see anybody teaching this)
• What are the best times to trade (these don’t match your breakfast and afternoon nap times, but are crazy profitable)
• The best ways to trade any strategy(this little detail can make or break your trading record, read about it on page 89)
• Most important and little known price levels, that deliver profits at any currency pair. (Learn, practice and apply the “should be illegal” strategy and you will turn your trading on a malfunctioning cash machine that spits dough every time you kick it)
• How to profit from Weird Crowd Psychology( when used as suggested in the book this one is a massive cash puller, I can even misspell it as “pooler” and ti still will be correct)
• The one, little known way to enter the Forex market and have the price guaranteed to move your direction. (I know you think I’ve lost my mind, but this is real)
• The well guarded price action strategies of the Forex Banks and Foreign institutions. (no one gave you this video game for Christmas, but the banks have it and you will learn to play it without looking at their screens)
• How not to use price action and when to be cautious about pulling the trigger, if a price approaches a certain deadly level. (keep your money in a dry and safe place or if you don’t have this info your stash will be swimming in the drain)
• Which are the favorite price patterns of the experienced traders
• How to avoid having spread slips of as much of a 100 pips, and have your profit and account swallowed by your broker(most of the retail traders have no clue, what I am speaking about)
• What are the most important factors, observed religiously by all the shakers and movers, and how not to break the rules of alliance that can cost you your account.(the Forex 10 commandments)
• What are the sneaky falls break outs, practiced by the most of the platforms and how to fight the FOREX BOTS.
• Strange practices of your broker, that causes your stops to be hit before your entries(this is a must know before you open a account with any platform)
The above strategies and lessons are not lessons from a book or science projects. These are the hard earned lessons from the Forex School of hard knocks.
During the years I have met, and traded with and chat in expensive paid forums, with multitude of successful traders.
This book is what I find to be the essential and most important material you will ever need, to trade Forex Market.
Learn and master the strategies of the winners and become a winner. On the other hand you can spent countless of hours and thousands of dollars, staring at your screen, until your eyes leak out and still not come to the priceless lessons in this book.
See learning ineffective strategies and studying the so called “gurus” is like “Playing the The Three Dog Night on an eight track with the bell bottoms on” If the previous sentence didn’t make any sense to you, its OK, I understand, it just means you are a young pop. But..
Make yourself a favor and invest in your education and buy this book.
Push few buttons and jump on, to your new reality, of turquoise blue waters and sandy beaches.
You are just a couple of mouse clicks away. See you on the other sid


The Forex Millionaire Escape The Rut Chase Live Anywhere Join The New Rich

The Forex Millionaire Escape The Rut Chase Live Anywhere Join The New Rich: Trader X: Kindle Store


Forex Day Trading Secret : Underground Almost Magical System To Daytrading Forex And Turning You Millionaire

Forex Day Trading Secret : Underground Almost Magical System To Daytrading Forex And Turning You Millionaire: Trader X: Kindle Store


Forex Strategy : Underground Shocking Secrets Making You Forex Millionaire

Forex Strategy : Underground Shocking Secrets Making You Forex Millionaire: Trader X: Kindle Store


Forex Trading Secrets : Underground Unknown Weird Tricks Turning You Millionaire

Forex Trading Secrets : Underground Unknown Weird Tricks Turning You Millionaire: Trader X: Kindle Store


Forex Profits Uncovered : Unknown But Extremely Effective Tactics And Weird Tricks To Millionaire With Forex

Download Forex Profits Uncovered : Unknown But Extremely Effective Tactics And Weird Tricks To Millionaire With Forex by Trader X: So, you are dreaming of blue turquoise beaches, pearl white sand and you day trading from the board of your new sail boat/yacht.
The breeze is smooth and even and sailing is a pure pleasure. The wind is gently kissing your head and moving your hair. The day will soon be over and you are about to dock on exotic island in the Caribbean.
Another boat is passing by and the captain is giving you a friendly hand wave.
Bunch of dolphins are showing off at the bow and jumping and looping beautifully in the water. They are trying to keep up with the boat.
The water is crystal clear and you can see the marine life and the spectrum of amazing colors all the way to the bottom of the riff.
You throw in the lines to the dock master and retreat to a luxurious resort with full amenities and world class service. After a short break you are down at the local marina bar drinking on something that comes with small umbrella on top.
And then you woke up… Not only this was a beautiful exotic dream, sooo wonderful and sweet, you don’t believe that it’s ended in such a cruel demanding reality.
You’ve been staring in the monitor for hours, your eyes got sooo swollen you could hand a coat on them. In a matter of fact you were so exhausted, falling asleep was a natural reaction of your body.
See, you just realized your trade almost reached your target, but not quite, (just about at the point of your dram, where you got to the exquisite resort). After that the price met a hard FIB combined with a round number and a solid support/resistance level. The market reversed sharply on you and you are looking at a huge loss and your account is down 25%.
If this scenario looks familiar don’t despair. It seems like a short 4 years ago I was in your predicament if not even worse. I say 4 short years, but it did seem like ages passed since then.
I can still see myself in clear desperation and depression. Just spent the last dollar to my name, on a risky trade. Entered EUR/USD on a whim from a “guru’s article advice”. A half hour later got a margin call from the broker and my account was disabled. I thought to myself “that’s it; I am done with this nonsense”
See, I was dreaming of becoming a big PLEYAHHH…but was drowning in debt and piling up the shelves in my room with the newest shockingly “a slightly different copy” of the previous system. See, the Forex education market is full of “education sharks”. This people are preying on newbies and aggressively targeting beginners. But…, I am sick and tired; to see honest people like you, lose their hot cash to the cold broker games. So, I decided to put an end of this and level the plane ones and for all. Honestly I might get some of the big dogs really upset and even mad when they find out this info had leaked out. The book you are about to read reveals the highly guarded secrets of an underground Forex society. You can read all about this in Chapter 8 on “Forex Tips and Tricks page 89”. The harsh vivid reality is, that 95% percent of the Forex folks are losers and losing money hurts bad to the bone. However, if you are looking for “kisses and huggies” you won’t find it in this book. But, on the opposite, you will get big lumps of hard challenging realities thrown in your lap to lean grow and prosper. So, you I agree; you can possibly amount to discover all the “gold nuggets” and “rich nutty info” you will find in this book on your own. Spend thousands of dollars on paid forums and exclusive mastermind groups. Blow to the wind several years of blind research, guess work and this task is absolutely possible to achieve. But please, take my hard learned lesson to heart; Buy this book now and save countless of hours staring at your monitor and save thousands of your hard earned money. Spend your time with your family and loved ones. Do the right thing.
See you on the other side.
Trader X