The place to get advertisements for a site to make some income?

Query by check u: Where to get ads for a web to make revenue?
I am looking for family members nothing adult or genuinely annoying banners. I am searching for massive companies like IBM, Microsoft, Google, HP, Toyota, McDonald’s and so on. You get the concept. A prompt response would be wonderful.

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Reply by Sully
You happen to be asking for where to ‘get’ advertisements from firms like the ones you mention so that they can be on your internet site and generate some revenue?

You want to sign up for Google Adsense to carry advertisements via Google, or Yahoo! to carry advertisements by way of Yahoo!, etc. Mainly although, you will not typically get to choose your advertisers, they typically select you, or a lot more most likely they choose the terms that your web site is associated to. If you want advertisements from Google, you’d want some excellent articles about Google, like articles or blog posts about what Google Wave or Google Voice mean to a specified audience.

Usually the equation goes the other way that means generally what comes initial is ‘what is your web site about’ or what could it be about. This is initial since these are your readers and people are the topics about which paid adverts will seem on your website.


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