Turning out to be a Rebate Affiliate Marketer from house, does it operate is it one more Scam?

Query by Samantha S: Becoming a residence, does it function is it another ?
I have been reading through on the web about Rebate Affiliate Marketers that perform from home processing rebates for organizations and get paid to do so. I am asking yourself if there is any validity to this and if there is, the place do I go to get signed up? All of the internet sites I have checked out so far want to charge you money for signing up, which to me seems like a scam. Any data appreciated!

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Answer by Dewain B
But had 1 companies here that free join in call My Energy mall
And i been on it like three month now. it not scam..It genuinely pay rebate when you shop in enterprise mall..

just watch video it tell all about it

Here my link to it.http://www.mypowermall.com/Biz/Property/50039

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