What is the difference between clearing and settlement in finance?

Query by Tim: What is the distinction amongst and in ?
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The procedure by which an organization acts as an intermediary and assumes the part of a purchaser and seller for transactions in order to reconcile orders among transacting events.
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Investopedia explains Clearing
Clearing is necessary for the matching of all acquire and sell orders in the market. It supplies smoother and more productive markets, as events can make transfers to the clearing corporation, rather than to each person party with whom they have transacted.

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Settlement Date
What Does It Suggest?
What Does Settlement Date Mean?
one. The date by which an executed safety trade have to be settled. That is, the date by which a buyer must pay out for the securities delivered by the vendor.

2. The payment date of rewards from a lifestyle insurance coverage policy.
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Investopedia explains Settlement Date
The settlement date for stocks and bonds is normally three company days after the trade was executed. For government securities and options, the settlement date is usually the up coming company day.

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