What ought to I trade out of stocks or forex that would be best to trade and make the most income out of?

Question by William M: What need to I out of or that be to trade and make the cash out of?
I am going to be 18 in 26 days and I want to grow to be a millionaire quickly by trading both stocks or foreign exchange. I want to know in your viewpoint which of them would make the ideal car to trade to make the best, quickest path to wealth? Also, when I say effortless, I don’t mean that it would be easy to do, but effortless in terms of currencies and stocks to pick from and the least challenging to research out of the two. Excellent, affordable solutions would be considerably appreciated. Thanks!

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Solution by Invest Wisely
forex is the hardest of all…
you need to go to university to find out forex trading

You can search for myfxfunds in google/yahoo search engine
My Managed Account has grown to forty% in three months.
and this week my account has profit five.3%
By the way my capital is 100K but you can start with minimal 2000 to test.

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