What will take place legally if you do not spend back income to a currency exchange?

Query by Amber: What will occur if you do not funds to a ?
I cashed a check at a currency exchange for $ 400.00 and a week later on they known as and advised me the examine didnt go thru and I now owe the $ 400 back to them. I strategy on paying out them back every time I come up with the cash but now I have received a letter saying if its not paid inside ten days they will initiate legal actions to force payment. What precisely does that imply??

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Reply by CoreyBryant
It indicates you have 10 days to pay out them

If you cannot spend them, phone them and inquire for an extension. And give them your email / fax asking them to send you an additional agreement. Or request them if they will mail it.

Will not consider their word for it – an oral agreement are not able to amend a written agreement.

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