Which are the most common sites for forex trader?

Query by Dingdang Kitten: Which are the well-liked internet for ?
Hey, I am hebby for forex trade. I concentrate on EURUSD and using IFX markets as my platform. I am asking yourself which internet sites have the latest news? And what do those wallstreet guys do, which website they surf the most?

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Answer by David
Forex is the greatest market in existence, with the best variety of superior professional traders and the lowest probability of success for newbies. It’s a losing proposition.

Most newbies are looking for a get-rich-fast scheme, and the large leverage of foreign exchange seems just correct. Forget it. Leverage is the killer of the newbie, and you are going to very likely blow out prior to finding out anything at all.

If you insist on trading currencies, trade the currency etf’s with out leverage until finally you produce consistency, then add leverage later on.

•FXA – Australian dollar
•FXB – British pound
•FXC – Canadian dollar
•FXE – euro
•FXY – Japanese yen
•FXF – Swiss franc
Currency ETF Checklist

TRAITS OF Profitable TRADERS: a 4 part manual

My guidance on trading forex:

http://news.tradingcharts.com/forex/headlines/Foreign exchange.html
http://foreign exchange-trading.bluecollarnews.com…
http://www.forex-understanding.com/forex-trading-technical-examination/foreign exchange-trading-technical-examination

Foreign exchange Walkthrough
http://www.investopedia.com/walkthrough/foreign exchange/newbie/level3/trading-currencies.aspx

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