Which platform is the very best one for foreign exchange trading?

Question by : Which is the one for forex ?

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Answer by David
That’s going to be a matter of opinion and depends on what you need.

One of the best is TradeStation, but it’s expensive. Another top of the line platform is RealTick. I’ve seen a lot of people switch from TradeStation to ThinkOrSwim (TOS) at Ameritrade. Scottrade and OptionsXpress are good also.

Download a free trial of NinjaTrader and take a look. You can use a simulated account for months and build your historical database before funding the account, and build and test a trade plan. The forex and futures data feeds are free, but you’ll pay for a stocks data feed. You can’t beat the low margins and commissions. They’ll want you to buy it, but you can continue using the free version without some of the bells and whistles that you may not need anyway, at least until you start making some money or prove you can.


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