Who is the richest foreign exchange trader?

Query by karthik: Who is the ?
I hear about all these folks in the world wide web who claim to be rich and earn a residing in foreign exchange and lastly try to sell you their “systems”. What I dont recognize is If their systems Performs as they claim it operates, they ought to almost certainly be spending their time with their “method” and not attempting to promote them…

So all this spam aside, Is there genuinely some person(real) who has grow to be wealthy and renowned by only trading/investing in the Forex Marketplace?
no person????

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Response by Boris
The brief solution is no, Although there are a couple of investors like George Soros who made massive sums inthe FX market on a couple of trades most of the really welathy produced their fortunes holding onto top quality stocks. You are right that most FX ssytems dont perform. If they did even a little then they would be well worth hundreds of thousands, not 100 per month.

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