Why is the NZ currency is going down so radically against US currency?

Question by jaff n: Why is the NZ is so towards US currency?
Isnt it irritating how back in the beginning of the year it was around NZ$ 1.82 for US$ one.00 and right now its only $ one.41!!!!
Why is thi happening?? A copule of weeks ago it was $ 1.44, its going down so quick – does this suggest that soon it will be $ 1.39 and so on?? Will it go back up? And when??

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Reply by guru_matt
er… I consider its the other way.

The NZD is appreciating towards the USD – its going up.

Have a search at the NZD/USD on this page: http://www.finviz.com/forex_charts.ashx?t=ALL&tf=w1

In Feb this year one NZD was worth USD .50.

Now it is about 1 NZD is worth USD .70

That is nearly 50% appreciation in 6 months.

Also note on the finviz page who the worth of the USD is depreciating most currencies. We feel that this is a result of the US Federal Reserve injecting Trillions of bucks into the US economic climate.

A good deal of investment capital is flowing out of the US at the minute, as it seeks to sustain its worth.

Will this reverse – not probably in the up coming 18 months, we think the trend will proceed.

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